Tips : Thai Massage & Spa

1. Try to come at off-peak hours

Your spa experience may be more relaxing and leisurely when you're there at a less crowded time.

2. Explore the possibilities

Ask for a full description of any treatment that sounds intriguing. Be open to experimentation. That's how youl'l find new treatments to enjoy.

3. Get advice regarding scheduling

If you plan on having more than one treatment, ask if the spa has recommendations regarding the order in which you receive them. Choosing the right sequence may enhance your pleasure. Some facials are more suitable before a body treatment, and some are more appropriate afterward. Many spas will have packages that give you the treatments in the most appropriate order.

4. Share your personal health history

The spa can help you plan accordingly. If you have conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or lupus, you should get your doctors okay for any treatment youd like to try. People with high blood pressure or a heart condition may want to avoid body wraps or any treatment that involves heat or detoxification.

Those with varicose veins may want to avoid heat treatments to those areas, and people with iodine allergies should avoid marine products such as seaweed.

Pregnant women should avoid essential oils and anything that could raise body temperature, such as body wraps, saunas/steambaths and Jacuzzis.

Mention any prescription drugs you are using in order to avoid any services or products that might irritate your skin or otherwise be harmful.

5. Anticipate how the treatment will fit into your other plans

For example, if youre having a facial treatment that may leave your skin temporarily irritated or blotchy, you may not want to go to a romantic dinner afterward.

6. Allow enough time for your visit

Plan to spend a least 15 minutes sipping a beverage, relaxing, and chatting or enjoying some solitude. And try not to rush yourself at the end of your visit. This way you wont have to be concerned if your visit takes a little longer than you anticipated, and youll prolong the pleasure of relaxation.

Special notice :

The person providing treatment may not be fluent in your language. Be sure that any questions or concerns you have are communicated clearly and understood before any treatment begins.

Some spa staff, especially at the cheaper, more informal shops, may have had minimal training in massage and other techniques. If anything feels uncomfortable, painful or otherwise undesirable, ask to stop the treatment immediately.