Thailand's Coming Event : Nagas’ Fireballs Festival 2007

22-28 October 2007
Venue: Along the Mekong River in Phonphisai, Nong Khai Province (615 km northeast of Bangkok)

Nagas’ Fireballs 2007: The End of the Buddhist Lent Festival

The fireballs emerging from the Mekong River and shooting up into the sky about 50-100 metres high before vanishing into thin air, is an unexplainable phenomenon that happens annually on the evening of the full moon of the 11th lunar month. This year it falls on 26 October.

The reddish-pink elliptical fireballs are believed to belong to the Nagas who live beneath the waters of the Mekong River. During the period of the end of the Buddhist lent each year a flock of tourists travel to Nong Khai Province to witness this eerie phenomenon.

Activities to be held in the period are as follows:

- Thevorohana merit making- A ritual of worshipping the Nagas

- A procession in celebration of the end of the Buddhist lent

- Thai-Laos royal trophy long-boat races

- Light and sound show “The legend of the Nagas”

- Food fair

For more information, please contact:
Nong Khai Municipality
+66 (0) 4242 1017
The Tourism Authority of Thailand
Northeastern Office Region 5
+66 (0) 4232 5406-7