Nighlife at Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya Night Life and bar girl, one of the most reputation in attraction of Pattaya. Come to Pattaya and enjoy nightlife with bar girl in walking street.

Walking Street
The Walking Street is the center of Pattaya's nightlife, with hundreds of bars, Go-Go clubs and dancings. Other areas are in Soi 7, Soi 8 and Soi Yamoto, in Soi Praisanie (around the post office), along Pattaya's 2nd Road and in Soi Buokhaow.

A new growing area is at the 3rd Pattaya Road, from North Pattaya Road to the South Pattaya Road as well as in Soi Chayaphoon and Soi Lengkee, both between Soi Buokaow and the 3rd Road.

Another large Beer Bar area is located in Soi 2, across BigC's Shopping Center. Pattaya Naklua has a large area with bars too. It starts at the North Pattaya Road.

Pattaya Cabarets (lady boy show)
Pattaya is famous for it's transvestite (katoey) cabaret shows. Lavish productions with amazing costumes and massive sets. A night at a cabaret show will set you back around 500 baht. These shows are well worth a visit even if it does not sound like your sort of thing. They are not at all sleazy and the whole family will be amazed.

78/14 Moo 9 Second Road, North Pattaya
Tel 038-428-746, Tel 038-429-212, Fax 038-424-939

Book for this one. It's often full even in the low season. They bus in hundreds of Chinese tourists everyday and the supply seems to be never ending. The cost is 500 baht for unreserved seating and 600 baht for reserved places. Many booking agents around town or book at the theatre. There are 4 shows every night, each one lasting around 1 hour 10 minutes

The production values are very high and the show is spectacular. There is no hint given that the performers are actually men, and the whole thing is played very straight.

This place is widely acknowledged as the best of type in Pattaya.

Tiffany's Show
464 Moo 9 Second Road, North Pattaya
Tel 038-421-700/3, Tel 038-429-642, Fax 421-711

Very similar to Alcazar but perhaps a little more raunchy. More silicon on display than you need to see in one life time. Tiffany's is the home of the famous Miss Tiffany Thailand contest which is broadcast on national TV in Thailand. reservations also are essential.