Buffalo Racing Festival at Chonburi

6 October 2007
Venue: The City Hall, Chonburi Province, Thailand

Buffalo Racing is a spectacular festival in Thailand that is unknown to most foreigners and even some Thais, because of its inadequate promotion. But it is so exciting, joyful and unique that is really worth seeing. Locally called Ngan Wing Khuai, the festival is annually held only in Chon Buri province. This year, it is held on 6 October in front of the Chon Buri City Hall, which is only an hour's drive from Bangkok or 45 minutes drive from Pattaya City.

When this festival began is uncertain, but according to records, it must have been observed for at least 70 years from the reign of King Rama VI who once saw it. The origin of the festival is as follows. In former times, buffaloes which were useful for farming were rarely found in Chon Buri. So the farmers in this province had to buy the beasts from other farmers who brought them from the Northeastern region for sale after the harvest.

In view of the high value of the beasts and their usefulness and rarity, the Chon Buri farmers competed with each other in raising buffaloes in their home province. During the buying and selling of the beasts, a kind of fun fair, featuring buffalo races, buffaloes' health contest, a contest of decorated buffaloes and a farmers' sweetheart contest, was held to coincide with the celebrations of the harvest season. These activities were observed annually until it became a tradition.

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