Bangkok Tips : Thai Traditional Massage

One of the main attractions of going to Thailand is therapeutic Thai Traditional Massages. There are various kind of massages (of the non-sexual kind) in Bangkok.

One of the most recommended original massage in Bangkok is at very famous Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical School, where a lot of Traditional Thai Masseuse and Masseurs learnt their craft from.

It was really fantastic massage! After enjoying an 1 hour session of the Traditional Thai Massage with Ayurvedic Herbs, you will feel very relaxed and calm. Also, the massage will melt away most of your fatigue after a full day of tiredness.

The steamed Ayurvedic Herbs are quite hot though and after compressing your skin with it, it leaves a liquid residue that turns cold really fast due to the air-con blowing on it. (1 hour session, Baht 480)

If you think you will be uncomfortable with this, then just try the Traditional Thai Massage (without the Ayurvedic Herbs) at 350 baht.. Do note that the school has two massage centers, one within Wat Pho itself, and another air-conditioned one a short walk away in Sanamchai Road, behind the Wat Pho temple by the river. This school run by Wat Pho where you can learn the following massage courses:

- Thai Body Massage (30 hours, Baht 7,000)

- Foot Massage (30 hours, Baht 5,500)

- Oil and Aromatherapy Massage (30 hours, Baht 5,500)

- Therapeutic and Healing Massage (30 hours Baht 7,700)

On the day you wish to start, go very early around 0800AM to register. Classes are normally from 0900AM to 0400PM daily. Bring photocopy of your passport and three photographs 2" each.

You will be assigned a teacher and a massage buddy. Also, you can be in a group of 4 or 5 students per teacher. The teacher speaks English.

Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical School
2 Sanamchai Road, Pranakorn, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Phone: +66 2-221-3686, +66 2-221-2974