How to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok

There are many ways to get to Koh Chnag, but they are all very similar. The cheapest way to do it is by taking the public bus from Bangkok to Trat and from there take the ferry to Koh Chang.

However, it is more comfortable to take a van, booked off of Khao San Road, or a tourist bus, also booked from a travel agency on Khao San Road.

You can take a 10-seater van right from Khao San Road to the ferry pier in Trat. Note that if you book from an agency on Khao San Road ask if the ferry ticket is included. A seat on a van shouldn't cost more than 500 Baht.

The ferry ride takes about forty minutes, and is interesting. You pass many islands and old colorful boats, traveling on the aqua-blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

On the ferry there is an ice-cream/drink stand. When you arrive in Koh Chang you can either take a taxi to your guest house/beach or transportation provided by your hotel.