Thailand Warnings or Dangers : Tuk-Tuk

When visiting major sights (e.g. Grand Palace) there are many tuk tuk drivers waiting for innocent tourists and telling them that the sight is closed today or that the entrance is far away or that today is a special government promotion. Don´t get in the tuk tuk, it is not true!

When a taxi or Tuk Tuk driver tells you that he needs to collect gas vouchers before he sends you to your destination, you will need to be firm and say no or get off the car quickly.These drivers would drive you to jewellery shop and before you know it, you will be purchasing some gems that you would not be needing it.This is another gem scam.

If you liked the tuktuk-experience, be careful. Keep saying 'NO'. Tuk tuk drivers will give up and take you where you have to be. If that doesn't help, ask him to stop and get out without paying.