2009 Thailand Chinatown Festival

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is celebrated on the first day of the First Moon of the Chinese lunar calendar and this year it falls on January 26. It is regarded as the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar.

Chinese New Year, which signifies the turning over of a new leaf, is a time for family reunion and thanksgiving. The celebration is traditionally highlighted with a religious ceremony given in honor of Heaven and Earth, the gods of the household and the family ancestors. The sacrifice to the ancestors, the most vital ritual of all, unites the living family members with those who have passed away. All members of the family return home and join the important family meal, a most significant feast, on New Year's Eve. This is a time for the Chinese to congratulate each other on having passed through another year, a time to finish out the old, and to welcome in the New Year.

In Thailand, this festival is celebrated nationwide, not only among Chinese immigrants and their families, but by Thais, too. On this occasion, China will bring the famous troupes of Chinese Art and Culture from 7 regions and provinces; Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hainan Province, Shandong Province, Anhui Province, Heilongjian Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Jilin Province to join the celebration.


Bangkok Chinese New Year Festival 2009
Venue: Chinatown, Bangkok 26-27 January 2009 (16.30 hrs onwards)CentralWorld, Bangkok 26 January 2009 (13.00 hrs onwards)

Every Chinese New Year’s Day, Chinese immigrants and Thais of Chinese ancestry in Bangkok gather around Chinatown to celebrate the festival, which features cultural performances from the People’s Republic of China, and sales of various products and delicious foods. Come and enjoy the festivities free of charge! You are invited to wear red.

For more information, please contact TAT Bangkok tel. 0 2250 5615, 0 2250 5500 ext 2991-5 or Samphanthawong District Office Tel. 0 2234 3460, 0 2237 3345

Pattaya, Chonburi
Pattaya Chinese New Year Festival 200924, 26-27 January 2009
Venue: South Pattaya Port (Bali Hai Pier)

Pattaya City celebrates Chinese New Year 2009 at Bali Hai Pier on 24 Jan (19.00 hrs) with cultural performances from 7 provinces of China. The celebrations include Magic Stunt (changing facial make up type), Local Dances, Kung Fu Fighting, Chinese Opera, Folk Music, Mongolian Theatrical Arts, and Magic Shows. On 26 and 27 January, there are dragon and lion dance shows, Chinese Girl Contest and many more cultural and musical performances at Bali Hai Pier.

For more information, please contact TAT Pattaya Tel. 0 3842 7667

Suphan Buri

Suphan Buri Chinese New Year Festival 2009
25 January-8 February 2009
Venue: Suphan Buri City Pillar Shrine

Pay respect to Chinese gods and goddesses, enjoy Chinese opera and free vegetarian food during the festival, and then visit the Chinese Museum.

For more information, please contact TAT Suphan Buri Tel. 0 3553 6030 or Suphan Buri City Pillar Shrine Tel. 0 3552 1690

Nakhon Sawan

Nakhon Sawan Chinese New Year Festival 2009
19-30 January 2009
Venue: Muang County, Nakhon Sawan

Pay respect to the Chinese gods and goddesses in the festival and enjoy food and products as well as various entertainments. The magnificent parade is held on 28 and 29 January.

For more information, please contact TAT UthaiTani Tel. 0 5651 4982

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Chinese New Year Festival 2009
26-27 January 2009
Venue: Kuang Meru Rd., Chinatown Chiang Mai

Experience the Chinese traditional performances, music, and food until midnight.For more information, please contact TAT Chiang Mai Tel. 0 5324 8604

Nakhon Ratchasima

Nakhon Ratchasima Chinese New Year Festival 2009
26-27 January 2009
Venue: Monument of Thao Suranari, Muang County, Nakhon Ratchasima

Enjoy the city’s wonderful decorations, Chinese cultural performances, music, dragon and lion dances, light and sound show and Chinese food.

For more information, please contact TAT Nakhon Ratchasima Tel. 0 4421 3030
Hat Yai

Hat Yai Chinese New Year Festival 2009
26-28 January 2009
Venue: Hat Yai Municipality Public Park and Sanehanuson Rd., Hat Yai, Songkhla Province

Experience the dragon and lion dances and wonderful road decorations, various forms of entertainment, Chinese Doll Contest, and delicious food.

For more information, please contact TAT Hat Yai Tel. 0 7423 1055

Phuket Chinese New Year Festival 2009
31 January-2 February 2009 (18.00-23.00 hrs)
Venue: HM Queen Sirikit 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary Park, Thalang Road and Soi Rommani

Experience Chinese opera, Kung Fu fighting and cultural performances form China at the Queen’s Park, various activities in downtown, and yummy food along Bangyai Canal. Don’t miss the parade on 31 January and another Chinese opera on 1 February.

For more information, please contact TAT Phuket Tel. 0 7621 2213