How to Buy Cheap Air Tickets To Thailand

Tips before buying air tickets:

1. You should be flexible, and start to search for fares from nearby airports. Consider alternative days of travel. Avoid a Saturday night if possible. These just three tips may reduce the cost of your air ticket undoubtedly.

2. Go to an online booking engine or contact a travel agent and provide your dates of travel and airports you want to fly from and to. Also, search for two separate tickets to see if you can save even more money.

Note : In some cases you will have to manually pick up your luggage and check in to the second flight. Make sure you leave yourself enough time in your layover to complete this process if needed.

3. Buy tickets from another country. If you plan to travel from one international location to another international location. For example, if you are an American and you want to fly from Thailand to other countries. It would be better to search the best ticket prices in Thailand, not the US. In this case, booking air tickets in USA typically give a higher price.

4. Compare air ticket prices with many airlines, travel agents and online booking engines. Also, consider consolidators. Consolidators buy bulk tickets in advance to select routes with certain carriers. Understand that buying through a consolidator may make it difficult or impossible for you to change plans once you have booked your ticket.