Shopping in Thailand

Shopping in Thailand offers you the most value of money for its cheap price, but relatively of high quality. There is a large array of products to choose from, but the most popular ones are Thai exquisite handicrafts which can be found in various places in tourists areas throughout the country.

Silk: Thai silk is world famed for its high quality and beautiful design. However, there are several grades of silk which vary in prices, too. Cheap silk is often just rayon or rough silk interwoven with synthetics. Silk of high-quality with hand-woven texture is sold about 500-800 per a yard. Thai silk is characterized by its uneven texture and a formation of little sweatlike bead when burnt. The two main production centers of Thai silk are at Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

Antiques: Among the sought-after items are: swankhalok pottery from the Sukhothai period, carvings and sculptures, ornamental wood fragments, puppets, masks, and silver bowl. All antiques can only be exported with written permission from the Antique Art Business Division (Tel.02-224-1370) of the Fine Arts Department. All Buddha images and other images of other deities dating from before 18th century are protected by Thai not to be exported.

Wood carving: An ancient Thai art handed down from the Sukhothai period. Most of wood carving production centers scatter around in the northern region of Thailand such as Lampang, Prae, Nan, and Chiang Mai. There are a wide variety of wood-carved works ranging from furniture, household utensils, decorative objects and many souvenir items.

Silverware: Silverware-making is an ancient art of Thailand dating several centuries. Thai silverware, particularly ornaments, is in great demand in the world market for its exquisite craftsmanship. The two main productions centers of silverware are Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Gems and jewelry: Thai's gems and jewelry is famous for its high-grade gemstones, notably rubies and sapphires together with its skillful craftsmen and expert designers.