Blooming Mexican Sunflowers on Mount Mae U-kho, Northern Thailand

Early November-Mid December
Venue: Mount Mae U-kho, Khun Yuam county, Mae Hong Son Province (924 km north of Bangkok)

In November when the cool breeze begins to blow, the green Mount Mae U-kho will turn golden as the Mexican sunflowers (Tithonia Diversifolia) blossom. This wild flower, called buatong in the northern dialect, looks exactly like the sunflower but is much smaller.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand and Mae Hong Son Province would like to invite you to see the blooming Mexican sunflowers spread over the fields and valleys on Mount U-kho from the early November to mid December this year. Travellers are allowed to put up a tent near a buatong field to get as close as possible to the flowers in their cool natural surroundings. Other kinds of accommodation can also be found nearby.

Apart from the magnificent scenery of blooming flowers, from now to 30 November this year the province has prepared hot-air balloons for tourists to enjoy the view from the sky. A balloon trip takes about 15 minutes at a cost of 100 baht per person and a free cup of coffee will be served on board.

To get there from Chiang Mai, use Highway 108 passing Chomthong and Hot Counties of Chiang Mai. Then you will pass Mae Sariang County of Mae Hong Son and arrive in KhunYuam County. Now drive along Highway 1236 for 26 km to reach Mount Mae U-kho.

For more information, please contact :
Mae Hong Son Tourism Coordination Centre
Tel. +66 (0) 5361 2982 to 3

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