Living Around The Nature in Pai, Northern Thailand

Pai district is situated about halfway between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Sorn, the misty town on the Burmese border. At about 600 meters above sea level, surrounded by high mountains. Pai offers one of the most fertile and beautiful nature in the North of Thailand, clean air and no pollution. People from many different tribes live here peacefully together and still maintain their traditional way of living.

The serene Pai river runs from the northern border with Burma through Pai town and along virgin jungle to Mae Hong Sorn. Hardy adventurers use this route for exciting rafting.

How to get there?
Start from the main tourist hub: From Chiang Mai on route 1095 towards Pai it is 132 kilometer. The bus from Chiang Mai Arcade bus station takes about 4 hours.

Weather in Pai
cold season: 12º C - 28º C from November - March
hot season: 24º C - 35º C from April - June
rainy season: 24º C - 32º C from July - September

Activities in Pai

  • padelling rubber boat along Pai river

  • adventure rafting and canoe along Pai river

  • explore caves or go mountain trekking

  • elephant riding through jungle

  • mountain bike cycling or motorbike-trekking (Nop's bike shop offers 2 - 3 - 4 days motorbike trekking with 250 ccm trail bikes around northern part of Mae Hong Sorn province. Guide available or on your own. Also available Honda Dream, good maps and other information.)

  • jungle-treks: Pai is well known as a base camp for trekks to hill tribes.

  • Walk through green jungle and spend the night in a hill tribe village to experience their traditional way of life. In Pai there are local or hill tribe guides and porters available.

  • Herbal Sauna and Thai Traditional Massage as well as herbal medicine or Burmese Massage

  • Reading (Nop's book shop)

  • Thai cooking course at Peter's and Wandee's Hut in Mae Yen
Facilities in Pai
Pai is a small town but can offer enough facilities such as a post office, hospital, long distance call and fax service. Accommodations and food are good and cheap. Most of the guest houses are in town and the scenic most beautiful ones are along the river. Local restaurants and western style restaurants are available (e. g. Chez Swan Restaurant, Thai Yai Restaurant) with home made brown bread.