The Wat Pho Massage School is one of many schools that train people in the art of Thai massage. This school is probably the best known around Thailand as well as outside the country, but the thing that attracted me to this school was the flexible schedule of class offerings. There are three classes offered for massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Foot Massage, and Therapeutic Acupressure Massage (a.k.a. Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy).

The teachers at Wat Pho are conditioned to foreigners. Unfortunately, there are many foreigners who come to this school simply to spend some time and money to earn the certificate, but don't take the instruction seriously. Nevertheless, the teachers are extremely eager to train the students who are serious about learning massage.

Here are some helpful tips to get good training at Wat Pho Massage School:

* REMEMBER: The certificate you receive at the successful completion of a class does not replace the training required in your country
* Come early to register on the day you wish to start the course (around 8 - 8:30 a.m.)
* Bring cash (8500 Baht for General Thai Massage)

* Finish the course in as short of time as possible (full time studying). This will help you get matched with a serious partner.
* Come showered and sober.
* Bring a pen or pencil to take notes on the materials they give you. Good notes are critical to remembering the methods when you have returned home.

General Thai Massage Course

To teach the right position of massager, ethics, client's position, caution and rule of massaging. Say to relieve fatique, muscular cramping and nervous tension. To make muscle and joints supple. To stimulate the blood and lymph circulation for physical fitness improvement. To improve body immunity, for antiaging, and longevity. This course takes 30 hours.