Cosmetic Surgery and Dental Holidays are more popular in Thailand as the word get out about the affordability, expertise and the wonderful care that is available to foreign clients.
Dental holiday packages in Thailand are becoming a favorite with the cost of dental being less than half, of similar treatments in America and Europe.

The hard part of your decision to go for dental care in Thailand is where to go. According to All About Me Holiday Makeovers, they chose The Bangkok Hospital Group particularly Pattaya and Phuket for the best places to go not only for your Cosmetic Surgery Holidays. But for, Dental, Medical and Reconstructive Surgeries as well. Not only do they have fully qualified and experienced surgeons, facilities and state-of-the-art equipment; their attention to clients needs has to be experienced to be believed.


Bangkok Hospital Pattaya
Pattaya city is a tourist resort known around the world. A huge number of international tourists visit this city each year. In addition, Pattaya is connected to the important industrial estates of the country on the Eastern Seaboard.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is trusted by 100,000 international patients each year (40 percent of total number of all our patients). The hospital provides interpreters covering more than 20 different languages to assist patients in all matters covering communication with the medical personnel, health insurance translations, and embassy liaison and also referral services.

The hospital also has a cultural and language training courses for the staff to make sure they understand the cultural differences and develop their language skills to provide the best service for the international patients. Of course, all patients are equally important for Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, with the same standards and medical technology.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket

The hospital opened on the 22nd of May 1995 for locals and tourists, whether Thai or from any of the 127 nationalities who have gone to make Phuket one of the premier tourist locations in the world.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket a member of the fastest growing Bangkok Hospital Network in Thailand, a high quality International hospital in South East Asian region. Bangkok Hospital Phuket is the forefront of hospital advances in comprehensive ranges of medical treatments and medical technology with a unique Thai-ness hospitality.