Thailand Straw Birds Fair & Red Cross Fair

6-15 February 2009
Venue: In front of Chai Nat Administration Hall and at Riang Hin Dam, Muang County, Chai Nat (194 km north of Bangkok)

Straw birds fair of Chai Nat is held annually in February. In the fair, tourists will witness the fantastically decorated floats of large, brightly coloured straw birds, which will join in a contest later.

There will be many other activities like students’ performances on stage to entertain visitors, exhibitions and booths from government officers and private sections, OTOP booths and stalls selling 5-star local products and food, and much more on entertainment programmes.

In addition, Chai Nat Bird Parks, situated nearby keeping more than 100 species of birds and fishes, is worth visiting.


Chai Nat is located in the central of Thailand. In the south of formerly Chai Nat, there is a dam impounds the Chao Phraya river for flood control and to divert water into the country's largest irrigation system. The dam, part of the Greater Chao Phraya Project, was finished in 1957 and was the first dam constructed in Thailand.


1. Chai Nat Bird Garden or Suan Nok Chai Nat

This place is the most famous traveling place in Chai Nat. It is the biggest Bird park in Asia. There are many bird species here, This garden is open from 8 AM – 5 PM

2. Chainatmunee National Museum

It is in area of Wat PhrabharomThatviharn. The museum is a two storey building. The second floor was the place for the Buddha from Tarawadee time till present. The first floor is for the Sankalok Buddha, ornaments, and ancient tools.

3. Wat ThammaMulviharn

The main temple of Chainat since Ayudhaya time. This temple was located at Thammamul hill slope, on the bank of Chaophraya river.

4. Chaophraya Dam

There are ten thousand teals here in January. The viewpoints here attract visiting travelers.