Chaweng Beach

White Sand Beach & Colorful Night Life

Chaweng is the most famous, beautiful and longest beach i nKoh Samui, Thailand. This Beach, Chaweng is divided into 4 parts as Northern Chaweng, Middle Chaweng, Southern Chaweng and Little Chaweng.

Chaweng is a white sand beach in long-curved shape. Water level is not too deep, so it is suitable for swimming. Along Chaweng Beach, there are many tourists sunbathing. Also, tourists can enjoy many beach activities such as kayaking, sailing and beach volleyball.

The beautifulness of Chaweng Beach leads it to be a center of tourism in Samui undoubtedly.

Accommodations: Resort and guest house at Northern Chaweng are recommended. Reasonable prices & tidy rooms.

Tourist Attractions: Chaweng Beach is really colorful tourist spot in Samui because of many luxurious hotels, souvenir shops and diving centers. Chaweng Beach faces the east, so you can see sunrise from your hotel’s window. Furthermore, tourists who love diving will be enjoying with various corals and sea fish. The best period for diving is during May to October, the sea is calm.

Night Life: Tourists will hang out in many bars and nightclub along the road at Chaweng Beach. If you love the music, try the Reggae Pub one of famous pub in Samui. Also, tourists will be shopping in Chaweng’ souvenir shops or dinning with international and seafood restaurants.

Discover Chaweng Beach & You will love it!!

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